About Us


International Cooperation Co. is based in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specializing in all areas of Piling, Shoring and Dewatering inclusive of large scale of excavation works, 
The humble beginning of ICC was well established and started at Al Khobar, with over 10 years of operation and experience we provide quality and yet cost effective project proposal. 

Since the goal of our company is to become one of Saudi Arabia’s most reliable foundation companies we continually assure our client’s expectations are not just meet but exceeded beyond their expectations.


International Cooperation Co. for Soil Foundation offers vast and accurate design necessary for specific project works.

We specialize in piling, shoring and dewatering works we select what best suited for each project that helps you to save your time and also saves our client’s money by giving accurate cost and effective proposal.

We are proud to be equipped with manpower committed to work as a team with innovative machineries giving ICC a one step ahead as competitor.

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